Go for a soft casual look with a twist carpet

Twist in carpet technically refers to the number of times the yarn/yarns are twisted. But you may see certain types of carpets referred to as twists. In the industry we often refer to carpets with a high twist per inch as twists. You may also have heard the term frieze which is often used to describe this type of carpet.

The higher the twist, the tighter the twist. When the twist is tight, the tuft of carpet will often curl over a bit, resulting in a casual and modern look. Because light hits the yarn in different places on the tuft, you often get the look of varying shades which creates visual interest and texture.

Twists are a great choice for most homes becasue of their ability to minimize footprints. As with any carpet, care should be taken when selecting a vacuum in order to reduce the risk of the rotating brush causing any damage or fuzzing. Refer to our carpet care section to learn more about selecting the right vacuum for your carpet.